Now your business can provide ‘Free Wi-Fi’ and actually get tremendous value in return.


Guest Feedback System To Better Monitor Customer Service

Social Wifi® is more than Wi-Fi. You cannot manage what you don’t measure. Customer service and guest satisfaction are critical measurements for restaurants.  We make it very easy and convenient for your guests to leave their feedback – whether positive or negative – about their experiences with your brand. These feedback are never compromised and always reach the right people in your company quickly – via email or mobile device.


Capture customers’ feedback about your restaurant, service, or food in near real-time…for FREE

No more need for paper forms that often get tossed in the trash by your staff

Respond to your guests faster & improve guest sentiment

Effectively measure employee performance and motivate staff

Reduce likelihood of unhappy customers complaints reviews on social media or review sites

Multi-unit restaurant managers & marketers can easily monitor and review customer satisfaction at any location, any time!