Now your business can provide ‘Free Wi-Fi’ and actually get tremendous value in return.


Grow Opt-In Marketing Lists Faster

Social Wifi® is more than Wi-Fi. We make it a breeze for restaurant marketers to be more effective, efficient and targeted when executing marketing campaigns. We have removed the cumbersome and sometimes costly steps involved in collecting and organizing opt-in customer data, while simultaneously making it faster for marketers to launch email and mobile campaigns to customer segments. Now marketers and mangers can:

Automatically grow large customer databases in seconds – not days or weeks.

Stop printing email sign-up forms that get ignored by customers, become lost, or require your staff to read  bad handwriting.

Eliminate wasted time & money!  Your staff won’t have to manually type email addresses anymore – thus nearly eliminating any inaccurate data.

Reduce the cost to incentive guests to join your mailing & mobile marketing lists.

Save postage and time getting the data to corporate – multi-unit locations no longer need to mail forms to their corporate offices.